In a Rush Espresso believes that the true measure of any business success, is how much it’s able to give back to the community. We introduced a program based on the Pay it Forward concept whereby customers, sponsors and a range on contributors would pay for meals in advance, for those in need. With the growing problem of homelessness notably within the Melbourne CBD region, we recognized that by helping to provide meals for their comfort and health. was the right thing to do.  That’s why In a Rush via The Soup Place endeavors to provide rich and wholesome soup to those who are doing it extremely tough, in our great city of Melbourne.

We have been steadily providing these meals to the city’s homeless community for several years now and our customers have genuinely contributed, to it’s longevity.  In 2015 alone we served thousands of meals to the hungry and homeless and we couldn’t be prouder, of this encouraging statistic. To be part of this community program and working with homeless individuals is one of our greatest achievements with the aim to maintain this support and program, to those most in need.

After getting our start with The Soup Place, we’ve now dedicated ourselves to expanding the reach of this program, within other areas of the community abroad.  We know that there is never enough that can be done to support the city’s most needy, living through rough periods of their lives, while striving to get back on their feet.  After all, the success of one contributes to the success of us all.

To make a contribution relative to Pay it Forward please visit